Pieces Of Me



Leaving her loveless marriage and returning to the sanctuary of her childhood home should have made Lyla’s life easier.

With her brother away, she’d have the house to herself while she struggled to put her life back together and find a place of her own.

But nothing worked out the way she planned. Devastating news and a persistent soon-to-be ex-husband will leave Lyla reeling.

And if that wasn’t enough, she now found herself caught in the crosshairs of three handsome men - her brother’s closest friends.

Will she listen to her heart and stay where she’s happy, or crumble under pressure and take the safe option?

Loving Locksley 

Things we lost

things we lost ebook.jpg

For Nathalie Johnson, securing a new job closer to home is a cause for celebration.

On a night out with a friend she runs into the very last person in the world she expects to see... Jason Locksley.


He was her everything until he took off to university without so much as a goodbye thirteen years before.

He broke her heart.


Despite her attempts to evade him, Jason is persistent and manages to talk her into coffee. Coffee leads to dinner. And the rest, she thought, would be history.


But walking away from Jason is harder than she ever thought it could be, and despite her trepidation, he wins his second chance.


Thirteen years is a long time, and people change.

Both have broken marriages behind them, and while much is shared, there are many things left unsaid.


Will a misunderstanding cause irreparable damage?

Discarded- Part 1 


Working two jobs just to stay afloat, Bekah Daniels is short on time. Any she does have she devotes to her boyfriend, Johnathan. 
But when he abandons her over the holidays, Bekah finally sees where his priorities will always lie. 
With his wife. 

Despite her efforts to break it off, Johnathan won’t let go, and when he becomes aggressive she finds friendship and refuge with her boss, millionaire chef Callum Lowell. 

Their friendship takes a surprising turn, and Bekah soon finds herself not only on his books but in his bed. 

When Bekah wants to further their relationship Callum has a condition; she has to hand herself over to him entirely, purging Johnathan from her mind and body. 

Can she submit to Callum after all she’s been through, or is he asking too much?